Review of BHAKTA Single Vintage Armagnac

Review of BHAKTA Single Vintage Armagnac

Writer Jacob Osborn left a review on our BHAKTA Single Vintage Armagnac collection recently. 

He had a taste of his birth-year vintage: 1980, but there are currently 30 vintages to choose from, spanning 1946 - 2002. 

As Jacob puts it:

"Put simply, you don’t have to love brandy to love this. It comes in big on the nose with rich aromas of grape, tropical fruit, and the kind of burnt custard that you might get from Canadian whiskey. The taste is decadent and flavourful in its abundance of fruit and caramel, trailing into a finish of grape, spice, oak, and sherry. This is terrific sipping and thus an epic preview of things to come from the nascent producer." 

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