Armagnac’s Magnificent Age Statements

Armagnac’s Magnificent Age Statements

Armagnac Age Statements

BHAKTA Armagnac is a singular expression of the only thing that money cannot buy: Time.

Fifty years at its youngest—and more than one hundred fifty at its oldest—BHAKTA 50, the flagship offering of BHAKTA Spirits, carries a jaw-dropping age statement nearly unimaginable in a market which considers a whiskey “old and rare” at the adolescent age of twelve or thirteen.

And that each barrel of BHAKTA 50 contains the 1868 vintage in its blend, however, is just the beginning. 

Vintage Armagnac 

The BHAKTA Spirits Vintage Library offers single vintages reaching back through nearly every year since 1868. The age statements on these bottles could be given in terms not of years, but of generations. The oldest grapes were harvested in 1867 and were crushed in wooden vats by the nimble feet of French children whose grandchildren are themselves now dead and gone. 

Armagnac Age Statement
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