Armagnac: The Connoisseur's Drink

Armagnac: The Connoisseur's Drink

Why Drink Armagnac? 

Armagnac is one of the world’s oldest spirits. The terroir captured in the four different grape varieties used, traditional wood-fired still, and decades of aging in French Oak barrels creates one of the most complex, flavorful, and exquisite spirits in the world. 

Who Should Drink Armagnac? 

Armagnac suits the discerning brandy drinker as well as the traditional whiskey drinker looking for something more challenging. Those who choose to drink France’s oldest brandy will find a more complex and nuanced spirit than Cognac, which is double-distilled using only one grape, and whiskey, whose base is grain. 

How to Drink Armagnac 

We recommend enjoying the oldest Armagnac vintages neat. Serve in a tulip glass for optimal aromatics. Vintages younger than half a century may be enjoyed neat or on the rocks, using a globe of ice or no more than two cubes of pure ice. Consume with patience so as to allow the aromas and flavors to evolve; taste with attention to reveal the secrets of each year.

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