BHAKTA 50 Barrel 23 "Morgan"

BHAKTA 50 Barrel 23 "Morgan"

Introducing Barrel “Morgan” 

Our next Barrel of BHAKTA 50 has finally arrived—and its opulence sets a new “gold standard” in the world of rare, collectible spirits.

Available for one week only, we are releasing 60 bottles of Barrel 23, named for famed financier John Pierpont (J.P.) Morgan, whose tenacity, drive, and unrivaled power captures the spirit of BHAKTA 50.  

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Morgan’s unflappable commitment to the modernization of the American economy led him to dominate the banking sector throughout the Gilded Age—and his name became synonymous with wealth, success, and prestige. 

Each bottle of BHAKTA 50 Barrel 23 “Morgan” contains eight different Armagnac vintages, including 1893—the year J.P. Morgan masterminded the economic recovery efforts during the Panic of 1893, selling gold from his syndicate directly to the U.S. Treasury to shore up the value of paper money. 

TASTING NOTES: Barrel 23 “Morgan” features nutty, praline notes of patisserie on the nose, blending smoothly into a soft palate showing hints of orange and salted caramel. Gentle tannins and mineral notes round out the flavor profile on the finish. 

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