Brandy: The Overlooked Category

Brandy: The Overlooked Category

The Rise of Brandy 

Nuance. Depth. Complexity. Tradition. Once misunderstood, brandy is now ascendant. Prices are on the rise; category adoption has reached its inflection point. In this classic spirit, the discerning drinker has discovered the new and next by rediscovering the old and ancient. 

Brandy Traditions 

Born of fruit, brandy encapsulates and expresses the widest range of variables possible in the world of spirits—translating minute elements of terroir and multiplying them against centuries-old production techniques whose traditions are as old as the story of mankind. 

The Slow Production of Brandy 

Unlike grains or sugarcane, fruit is slow to grow, difficult to tend, and troublesome to produce en masse. Only the patient and committed may practice its craft, but all can enjoy its rewards. After all. . . Would you rather eat ripe grapes or ripe grain? 

Escaping its unjust niche at long last, brandy has met its moment—elevated by craft and dignified by age.

Armagnac Brandy

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