The Campus

Nestled quietly in Vermont’s rolling mountains lies the BHAKTA-GRISWOLD Campus; a 155-acre experiential hospitality destination , formerly known as Green Mountain College. Headquarters to the BHAKTA Spirits portfolio, home to a distillery, farm, wellness center, and a spirits library full of the oldest and rarest in the world. Help us nurture the birth of a Hospitality Empire, and be forever written into the Tale of Griswold.

The Experience

Here at the BHAKTA-GRISWOLD Campus, we believe time to be the most valuable currency on Earth. 3-days and 2-nights; this is the cost of revelation. A shifting of perspective, a disconnection from the rigors of the world, and rejuvenation of soul and spirit that only spirits can provide. Through the Griswold Method of Revelry, Relaxation, and Revival, we pledge that time spent with us is an investment of insurmountable worth. We look forward to spending our valued time, together.

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  • Revel

    Take a tour of the BHAKTA-GRISWOLD Spirits Library & carouse at our signature 80s-themed distillation party in our cigar lounge.

  • Relax

    Unwind on our idyllic tree-lined campus, gorgeous river-front dubbed the "Poultney Riviera", and in Vermont's surrounding Green Mountains.

  • Revive

    Experience "The Griswold Method" - a signature breath-based meditation exercise, coupled with sauna immersions and cold plunges.

What to Expect