BHAKTA 1982 Armagnac

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BHAKTA 1982 Armagnac

BHAKTA 1982 Armagnac

The pure distillation of the year 1982 

One of the world’s rarest Armagnac vintages. BHAKTA 1982 — produced primarily from the grape Ugni Blanc — shows cigar box, old books, and teak wood on the nose, followed by an explosive palate of candied chestnut, toffee, and Sichuan pepper. In history, 1982 was defined by the invention of ciabatta bread, the beginning of the Falklands War, and the release of the Commodore 64 personal computer; China became the first country to surpass a population of one billion. 



Deep chestnut brown


Old books and chocolate-covered orange peel


Explosive attack with strong notes of chesnut


Creamy, complex finish

Bottle Specs

Bottled In
Condom, FR
750 ml
BHAKTA 1982 Armagnac
The BHAKTA Spirits Vintage Library

Offering single vintages of Armagnac reaching back through nearly every year since 1868. Each year captures and expresses the unique climate conditions, the technique of different distillers, and the compounding intricacies of time spent in both wood and glass.

The Finest Stocks

All of our Single Vintage Armagnacs come from Chateau BHAKTA in Condom, France

After a harvest from the vineyards in the Armagnac region and distillation in wood-fired alembic stills, the long aging process in French Oak barrels begins.

Our cellarmaster, Bernard, who has tended the Chateau’s stocks for over 50 years, ensures each vintage is aged to perfection.

How to drink it

“In this vintage paradigm, every release is special, limited in quantity — there’s only so much of any given spirit made in any given year.”
“You don’t have to love brandy to love this. . . Terrific sipping and thus an epic preview of things to come from the nascent producer.”
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