BHAKTA 50 Barrel No. 20 "Fitzgerald"

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BHAKTA 50 Barrel No. 20 "Fitzgerald"

BHAKTA 50 Barrel No. 20

BHAKTA 50 is a limited edition 50-year Armagnac collection for spirit enthusiasts seeking the best spirits in the world.

When the brand first started, we created 38 single barrels, each a blend of Armagnac vintages from our single vintage library spanning 1868 - 1970, giving you the opportunity to taste spirits distilled in the 19th century.

A brief finish in a Scotch Islay cask makes it one of the most unique spirits collectibles you will find anywhere. Sampling this astounding array of historic vintages involves a journey across the twists and turns of time—and offers a unique glimpse into the mind of our founder, Raj Peter Bhakta.

Vintages included: 1868 – 1924 – 1934 – 1946 – 1955 – 1962 – 1967 – 1970

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